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We work with large international and smaller local brands in both the B2C and B2B arenas, including:

Ace Insurance AEG The Andrea Adams Trust

Communications Planning & Market Research

Pan-European Naming Architecture

Brand Essence & Project Management

Alcatel-Lucent Becks eBay

Communications Planning

Brand Essence within the AB-Inbev portfolio


Electrolux Fiat Hoegaarden

Pan-European Naming Architecture & Name generation

International Brand Essence

Brand Essence within the AB-Inbev portfolio

ICP Imperial Kellog's

Brand Essence & Action Planning

Brand Essence & Action Planning

Future Trends & Idea Generation

Lebara Mobile Leffe P&G

Brand Essence & Communications Planning

Brand Architecture & Communications Planning

Consumer Insight & Concept Generation

Which Zanussi Zip

Business Analysis & Strategic Recommendations

Pan-European Naming Architecture

New Product Development & Market Research

Having worked on the naming architectures of both Electrolux and AEG brands, LBI were perfectly placed to run the same project with Zanussi. The project involved developing a strategy for how we would name all of our products in the future, bearing in mind our brand values, our target consumer and the large number of features we have across the various white goods categories.

The process was efficient and organised and included a very professional workshop in which we were able to collaborate and contribute ideas. It was a pleasure to work with LBI and the results they have generated will greatly benefit the brand going forward.

Electrolux Home Products Corporation - Dorothée Grou, European Zanussi / Smart Brand Manager