Optimum Thinking

Our philosophy of ‘Optimum Thinking’ means that we approach each new project in line with our 4 core values to ensure maximum effectiveness:


Team based workshops that build commitment and buy-in to ideas

Diverse Perspectives

We use Outside Experts to generate new insights or provide specialist skills

Tailored Approach

Clearly structured yet flexible, to be both cost and time effective

Wholebrain Thinking (TM)

Left-brain analysis combined with right-brain creativity and innovative thinking


An integrated, collaborative workshop is a core part of any LBI project. Collective input has been proven as the best solution to create buy-in and enthusiasm for ideas, which is necessary for implementation.

Effective brainstorming requires more, however, than just getting the right people together in a room and hoping for the best. We are trained facilitators with a wide range of tools to encourage creativity and stimulate innovative thinking.

Our structured brainstorming techniques are guaranteed to give you a positive and productive experience.

Diverse Perspectives

We strongly believe that the most innovative thinking comes from looking at a problem from different angles and points of view.

We have found that the best way to achieve this is to build Outside Experts into the team who can contribute new insights and fresh thinking that can otherwise be difficult to achieve.

We are skilled at finding and recruiting the perfect experts who can think creatively and are non-competitive but who work in areas relevant to the problem.

Tailored Approach

Each project is tailored specifically for your brand and its requirements to best ensure its success, taking into account your objectives, timings and budget.

Behind this flexibility, however, is a structured approach and once the project is agreed, we will package it up into a clear step-by-step process with timelines.

Wholebrain Thinking ™

This concept builds on the idea that the left brain is the logical, analytical side whilst the right brain is more creative and innovative.

Our tools and techniques are both left-brain and right-brain focused so we can provide you with an equal amount of testing, research and analysis to ensure effectiveness, whilst working in a way that stimulates creativity, innovative thinking and fun!