InnQ™ Innovation Quotient

What is the Innovation Quotient (InnQ™)?

InnQ™ is a new and exciting online tool which measures how well the environment in your organisation supports innovation. You can discover what you are already doing well, what is holding you back and where you now need to focus your efforts.

You will receive a score for the organisation as a whole but you are also able to compare your scores across different factors such as gender, department or geographies and ultimately will be able to benchmark yourself against competitors in your sector.

You may then decide to commission a stage of Implementation which will consist of group and personal training, as required, in creativity tools and techniques or projects such as establishing an online space where ideas can be shared. By addressing the areas where you have scored low in the innovation quotient, you will be taking a proactive step towards changing your environment and your InnQ™ score in the future.

Armed with a greater understanding of the principles behind innovation you can track your InnQ™ progress in the long-term, if you wish. It should be measured regularly and the principles applied continuously. As your InnQ™ score increases, so you can expect to see a rise in the level of successful innovation throughout your organisation. You can stay ahead of the game and protect & grow your profits.

A Summary of the InnQ™ Programme

Innq diagram
Why should we measure our InnQ™?

The importance of innovation within any organisation or market is well documented and understood and it is a simple fact of business life that what gets measured gets done. Within any business, the environment is either conducive for creativity and innovation or else it acts as a block and an obstacle. Which do you have?

The benefits of measuring you InnQ™ are clear
What does it cost?

£6,000 + VAT for an InnQ™ survey for up to 500 staff. This includes:

We are able to conduct surveys for over 500 staff but the cost will vary depending on the number of staff involved, due to the greater complexity involved in analysing the data. Please ask for a quote for surveys over 500 staff.

The Implementation Stage

This is an optional phase to be costed separately to meet the individual needs of each organisation.

InnQ™ is a trademark of London Brand Innovations.