Brand Naming

Identifying and Differentiating

Brand Naming is often considered as an easy task but this is a common and often fatal mistake. A name can mean the difference between the success and failure of your brand.

The choice of a name will affect awareness of your brand, whether there is a clear and spontaneous association in consumer’s minds and the potential creativity of the communications around the brand. The perfect name does more than just identify, it speaks of the personality, the quality, the essence of your company and its products.

In branding, a name means business. If not handled correctly, the common pitfalls and landmines in the naming process can include:

  • Difficulty in finding a name which can be trademarked and owned
  • Problems with international translations or associations
  • No clear strategic focus from the offset, e.g. ‘what does the name need to represent?’ or ‘how will it fit into our company portfolio?’
  • Too much internal emotion surrounding the name choice
  • Not allowing the proper amount of time for selection, legal and linguistic checks and domain purchasing if necessary
  • Not allowing the appropriate communications budget needed to launch a new name or to support re-branding/re-naming

Our NameGen™ methodology addresses all of these pitfalls by providing you with a professional, structured and creative process, including:

  • Understanding and agreeing the objectives upfront, including what the name must achieve, how the name will fit into any existing brand architecture and the criteria for success
  • Desk research of the brand, target consumer and competition
  • Addressing the agreed objectives from different angles through the creation of ‘springboards’. These give numerous directions from which to attack the task and stimulate different kinds of names
  • Creative brainstorming that includes exercises which are both linear (associated with the task at hand) and lateral (to encourage crazy ideas from which sensible ones can be built.) This maximises both relevance and innovation, ensuring that a large number of names are generated
  • Analysis and recommendations to provide you with names that meet your objectives and fulfill the criteria for success

We can develop naming projects to suit your needs and deadlines, but a typical project may look like this:


We commissioned London Brand Innovations to help us develop a Name for one of our new products and found their service to be both incredibly efficient and an enjoyable working experience. Our tight deadline didn’t phase them and they were able to turn the project round in a very short amount of time, generating a large list of usable name options whilst also allowing time for feedback and prioritising of ideas.

eBay – Marino Fresch, Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy