Brand Essence

Defining and Positioning

Brand Essence is about defining the core, the spirit, the DNA of your brand and bringing together all the relevant attributes, both tangible and intangible, that make up the future positioning of your brand within the market.

This philosophy is relevant for both consumer focused and B2B companies. A strong brand essence should answer the question, ‘Why Choose Brand XXX?’

The benefits of doing this are clear:

  • A consistent message to stakeholders that is relevant to their needs
  • A clear positioning in the market that is differentiated from competitors
  • A future focused strategy that enables you to meet new challenges, grasp new opportunities and make decisions throughout the organisation
  • Corporate alignment that gives clarity and direction to international markets
  • An inspiring internal motto that creates a motivational culture of working towards a common goal

Brand strategy is ultimately an act of creation. We will work with you to explore where the brand is currently and the issues that need to be addressed, but the main focus is identifying and ‘choosing’ where your brand should be in the future.

This is why the core of any Brand Essence project is a collaborative workshop where we facilitate creative thinking techniques to enable you to explore your brand in a different and exciting way and to develop new opportunities. Our workshop approach is also a great way to generate internal buy-in and enthusiasm for the new strategic direction, making for a smoother transition period.

Our approach breaks the process down into four easy steps

Brand essence

A powerful strategic Brand Essence is no good, however, if it is allowed to languish and gets left behind in the day-to-day running of the company.

Implementation is therefore key. We will work with you to ensure that plans are made and action is taken to get you from strategy creation to launch.

Be implementation

Brand Consultancy is a subtle combination of common sense and creativity, both of which you'll find plenty of at LBI. You'll also find sharp, incisive thinking, an amazing work ethic and a truly refreshing can-do attitude. Most of all, LBI have all the tools and expertise within a pretentious-free zone where your brand is nurtured by grown-ups.

LBI helped us to create our new Brand Essence and worked with us to ensure the Action Planning phase was taken as seriously as the phase of strategy creation. They have become a trusted strategic partner and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

ICP - Mike Chajkin, Marketing Director