Brand Development

Building and Growing

Brand Development is about harnessing innovation and using it to either build up your brand by exploring new directions or growing your portfolio through the process of New Product Development (NPD). The purpose of doing these is to ultimately increase your sales volume potential.

But where do you start and how do you ensure success?

There are many different routes and questions to consider when beginning a phase of Brand Development, for example:

  • To what extent do you want to harness innovation – do you want ideas that are close in or far out from the current brand(s)?
  • What continuous innovation options are there for your existing brand(s)?
  • Do you need a facelift for your existing brand(s)?
  • Should you consider line extensions?
  • Are there opportunities to develop new products in either your existing category or even a completely new category?

Our process is rooted in our ‘Innovation Spectrum’ tool, which explores these questions and helps you to clarify your focus.

We then use an equal mix of creativity and analysis to help you tackle the main challenge of any Brand Development project – to come up with ideas that are Relevant, Different, Deliverable and Easy to Communicate.

Our Brand Development projects give you an opportunity to explore new ideas in a creative environment, but one that is rooted in achieving commercial success.

  • Based on consumer needs segmentation to structure your innovation opportunities
  • Uses research to test and develop ideas to ensure successful ROI
  • Has an interactive idea generation workshop at its core to stimulate creative thinking and encourage the team to go further with their ideas
  • Uses knowledgeable and experienced Outside Experts where appropriate to generate fresh perspectives and new insights
  • Uses a number of proprietary tools to give structure

A typical Brand Development project may look like this:


Standard Brands worked closely with London Brand Innovations developing a number of ideas for the future strategic direction of the Zip brand. Throughout the project we benefited from their professional and thorough approach and from their experience in a number of business categories.

Standard Brands – Simon Bullen, Sales & Marketing Director