Brand Architecture

Managing and Crafting

Brand Architecture is about managing the different products or brands within your portfolio and crafting them into a clear, logical structure.

The detail of Brand Architecture can be complex and no two projects are ever the same, but we have one overarching objective for all – to have the minimum number of clearly defined and differentiated brands / sub-brands to take advantage of market opportunities.

Using proven tools, we will help to map your category, brand and competitors based on consumer insight to decide which brands and sub-brands your portfolio will contain. This ensures you remain focused on maintaining the stronger, more consumer relevant powerbrands, which gives you:

  • Fewer brands to invest in and support, at a time when budgets are under severe pressure
  • Better relations with distributors & retailers, who want fewer stronger brands, taking up their valuable space
  • Less confusion for consumers, who frequently complain that there is now too much choice
  • Strong international brands which can benefit from economies of scale at all levels, from manufacturing to design and distribution

If you have more than one brand, it is essential that each brand has its own clearly defined territory and strategic role. It should be differentiated from the rest of the portfolio, both in terms of its brand essence and its naming / identity structure which can be via names, product descriptors, alpha-numerics or graphics such as logos.

Each Brand Architecture project is different due to various affecting factors so although we still work to a structure, the sequences of the process stages are iterative.

Brand architecture