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InnQ™ Surveys pinpoint the lack of formal creativity tools

July 2011

One of the factors associated with an innovative environment which is consistently scoring poorly on InnQ™ surveys, is the presence of a bank of creativity tools and techniques, available for use across the organisation. There seems to be an assumption that people will just find their own ways to be innovative when they need to do so.

Whilst it is true that creativity is not limited to a select few individuals and that everyone has the ability to come up with ideas, it is also true that this ability can be enhanced by learning a few simple techniques which stimulate fresh ways of thinking.

The easiest technique is to work on a problem for a while and then put it aside and gain some fresh stimulation before coming back to the task in hand. Traditionally Creatives in advertising agencies took themselves off to museums or galleries to refresh their thinking, but anyone can take an ‘excursion’ at their desk to mimic the process. Surfing the net, reading a book or keeping a pack of interesting postcards handy to look through, can all provide a break and a fresh perspective on the issue.

It is well known that the subconscious will carry on working on an issue after the conscious mind has gone onto something else. This is the basis of the ‘eureka’ moments that people often have when they are walking the dog or taking a shower. Whilst this is a valuable way of getting ideas, establishing a bank of creativity tools and techniques can provide a faster and more reliable method for people within the organisation to think ‘out of the box’.

Training in creativity tools and techniques also gives the organisation a ‘common language’ with which to approach innovation. Many companies including London Brand Innovations offer training in creativity and for many organisations training a wide range of staff in these techniques would be a relatively simple way to increase the focus on innovation and greatly increase the chance of success in the future.