Additional Services

All of our services are complementary to our 4 core branding services and will either form part of a bigger overall project as required, or they can be commissioned as independent projects:


Market research

We are experienced in running and managing qualitative research projects, including making recommendations for the best approach to achieve success, briefing a designer to create visual stimulus, coordinating recruitment and incentives, writing the discussion guide, moderating groups or interviews and preparing analysis reports. We also partner with a top quantitative agency to provide local or international studies.

Communications Planning

With previous experience working within the planning departments of various advertising agencies, we are highly skilled at writing creative briefs, analysing creative work and liaising between client and agency. This can provide you with a seamless transition between your brand strategy and the communication.

Consumer Insight Generation

By relentlessly questioning 'why?' something is happening, we can turn facts and data into insights and ideas. Our innovation programme includes imaginative consumer explorations which enable the client team to observe and react with consumers first-hand to gain an in-depth insight into their world.

Workshop Facilitation

Effective facilitation is far more than just holding the pen, it requires us to learn about your market, crystallise your objectives, prepare a stimulating and structured agenda & exercises, as well as managing the dynamics of the team on the day. Our understanding of the business context means we can lead a team with the right balance of intellectual input and objectivity to provide relevant and constructive guidance and lead you towards the best strategic idea for your brand.

Idea Generation

We have a large number of proprietary tools and techniques that stimulate creativity and help with idea generation. Exercises can be either linear and therefore closely related to the topic at hand, or more lateral to encourage truly innovative thinking but ideas generated are always grounded in the commercial environment as much as possible to ensure effectiveness.

Performance Coaching

To maximise the chance of successful implementation of strategies and ideas we can work with members of the team, in a group or on a one-to-one basis, to provide coaching. This acts as a stimulus for the individual to make changes faster and more effectively than they would be able to on their own.


We are skilled in running small scale (maximum 20 participants), highly interactive and fast paced training courses in areas such as Creativity, Team Building, Brand Strategy or Action Planning, but we can create a specific training course for your needs if required. Learning is done in a very creative and enjoyable way but is also grounded in practice with a focus on taking the learning back to the business. We provide in-depth documentation to take away and encourage trainees to remain in touch with us as we are always happy to answer any questions they might have on the topic in the future.

LBI have managed much of the communications planning for our recent UK/European advertising campaigns and have provided an insightful strategic angle that is relevant to our target audience and communicated this effectively to the creative team. We have also utilised their services in market research to test advertising campaigns with our brokers and the project was well planned, executed and analysed.

ACE European Group – Miles Russell, European Communications Director