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A Strong Brand is at the Heart of any Successful Business


This message is even more relevant now as consumers struggle with their finances and brands struggle to retain loyalty.

A recent research study reveals that as the recession continues, an emotional connection with consumers is the only way to ensure longevity. They will continue to be loyal to, and even pay a premium for, brands which provide them with much-needed security and emotional satisfaction in these troubled times, so marketing resources must work much harder to forge a relevant and consistent emotional connection with people.

London Brand Innovations are thought leaders on the power of the brand and focus on four strategic areas to provide you with innovative and effective Brand Solutions:

Brand Essence

Defining and Positioning

  • What is my brand promising to deliver?
  • What does it stand for against competitors?
  • What does it mean to my consumers?

Brand Architecture

Managing and Crafting

  • How do I manage my brand portfolio?
  • What is the essence of each brand and do they have their own strategic role?
  • Do I need to increase the portfolio or slim it down?

Brand Development

Building and Growing

  • How do I come up with new product ideas that are relevant to my consumers?
  • Can I stretch my brand into new and different areas?
  • How do I decide on the best new products to invest in?

Brand Naming

Identifying and Differentiating

  • What are the 'rules' for naming?
  • How do I develop relevant and benefit focused names?
  • How do I ensure that the name works on an international basis and can be trademarked?

We understand that sometimes people don't know what service they need or are unsure how their problem may fit into the areas above, so we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your brand and its requirements. We will offer objective advice and will never recommend our services if we believe there is a better course of action for your brand.

For a free consultation with no hard sales push, please contact us

Working with LBI was very productive. The workshops were extremely well managed and very stimulating. We were able to fully explore all the issues surrounding our company and I particularly valued their guidance in helping us choose the right strategic direction for the brand to take for the future.

Imperial Meat Products, Belgium - Dirk Jacxsens, CEO